For introductory information please see the FAQ section. Please contact  (615-898-5010) for initial discussions about protecting your IP, filling out the disclosure form, or contracts involving IP listed below. 

 MTSU Policy 140 - Intellectual Property  - This is the latest approved MTSU IP policy

  • Invention Disclosure Form - This form must be submitted to within 60 days of discovery of an invention and will be considered by the IPAC.
  • Copyright Disclosure Form  - This form must be submitted to within 60 days of creating a copyrightable work and will be considered by the IPAC.
  • Confidential Disclosure Form - This document must be modified and submitted through MTSource when details are communicated about MTSU intellectual property.
  • Standard Contract template - This document is used as a starting point for a contract involving collaborative IP development and commercialization.
  • Materials Transfer Agreement - This document is approved for use when sending a material out from MTSU. The form must be customized to the material you are sharing, document signed by yourself and the recipient, recipient scientist, and routed through MTSource. Any MTA covering materials requested by MTSU must be pre-approved by the Contracts Office.