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Records and Registration




Financial Aid


  • Federal Direct Student Loan Request Sheet for Undergraduates or Teacher Certification
  • Federal Direct Student Loan Request Sheet for Graduate Students
  • Federal Parent PLUS Loan Instructions
  • Federal Undergrad Parent PLUS Loan Update form
  • Loan Cancellation form


  • Change of Enrollment Status Appeal Form
  • Lottery Request for Leave of Absence
  • Tennessee Lottery Grade Change Form
  • Tennessee Lottery Military Appeal Form
  • Tennessee Lottery Regain Option Form
  • Tennessee Lottery Repeat Option Form
  • Tennessee Lottery Transfer Notification Form
  • Tennessee Lottery Non-Traditional Review
  • TSAC Change of Institution Request


  • Institutional Scholarship Appeal Form


  • Completing FAFSA Verification Instructions
  • Dependent Verification Worksheet
  • FAFSA Drug Question Worksheet
  • Independent Verification Worksheet
  • IRS Tax Extension Instructions/Forms
  • Parent Marital and Tax Filing Status Verification
  • Petition for Direct Unsubsidized Loan (Parent refuses to complete FAFSA)
  • Student Marital and Tax Filing Status Verification
  • Verification of Child Support Paid
  • Verification of Earned Income - Parent / Student 
  • Verification of High School Completion
  • Verification of Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose
  • Verification of Legal Guardians and Emancipated Minor Status
  • Verification of SNAP Benefits (Formerly known as Food Stamps)
  • Verification of Untaxed income Form


  • Federal Work-Study Placement Transfer Request Form
  • Request for Extension of Maximum Timeframe Form
  • Request for Federal Financial Aid for Additional Coursework
  • Satisfactory Academic Appeal Form
  • TEACH Grant Application

Tuition and Billing

Fee Discounts and Waivers


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