Hybrid Programs

Students enrolled in hybrid programs must take several on-ground courses to complete their degrees.  Additional information is available at each degree site. 

Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Marketing (B.B.A.)

The discipline of marketing entails research, problem-solving, communication, and creativity—all to engage and meet the needs of a good friend … the customer.

Graduate Programs

Accountancy (M.Acc.)

The Department of Accounting offers a flexible Master of Accountancy (M.Acc.) degree program that develops students' decision-making and communication skills and provides a path to professional accounting certifications.

Data Science, Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Data Science at MTSU allows everyone the opportunity to learn the data skills needed to compete in the current and future marketplace.  Students will learn how to solve data-related problems by understanding the data, exploring and cleaning the data, then visualizing the data to create and optimize predictive models.

Social Work (M.S.W.)

The Master of Social Work promotes excellence in advanced generalist social work education, research, and practice.




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