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trey martindale

Dr. Trey Martindale
Chief Online Learning Officer

Trey Martindale has the honor of leading this highly effective group of professionals. With over 20 years of experience in higher education as a professor and then administrator, he is driven to help students succeed via effective learning environments. See more at his faculty profile.



kim godwin

Dr. Kim Godwin
Instructional Designer

Kim Godwin is a member of our instructional design team. She has worked in both student and academic affairs for more than two decades and also serves as a faculty member. Dr. Godwin strives to promote student success through supporting faculty in creating engaging, interactive, and authentic teaching/learning experiences through online course development and offerings. 

tara perrin


Tara Perrin, M.A., COI
Instructional Designer

Tara Perrin is a member of our instructional design team. Having worked in higher education for over a decade, she has served as an on online instructional designer, online student advisor, and online faculty. Passionate about student success and equity, Ms. Perrin collaborates with faculty in the development of quality online courses with the goal that all, faculty and students, have an enjoyable, engaging, and successful online learning experience.


Karen Hein


Dr. Karen Hein
Instructional Designer
Karen Hein is an instructional designer with MTSU Online.  She has over 20 years of experience in higher education, beginning as a librarian and information technology specialist moving into faculty development over the years.  Dr. Hein is strongly committed to meeting faculty where they are, helping them create engaging courses based upon best practices in online education.


carol hayes


Carol Hayes
Coordinator, Faculty Services

Carol Hayes serves as the primary point of contact for faculty interested in developing online courses. She is responsible for tracking progress of development requests, approvals, contracts, and extra compensation payments. 

Tonya Dowd

Tonya Dowd
Assistant Coordinator, Student Services

Tonya Dowd is the first point of contact for online students.  She responds to student inquiries and ensures students have access to available resources.


teresa umphrey

Teresa Umphrey
Technical Clerk


Teresa provides technical support for the Director of MTSU Online, Faculty Services, processing documents for online Instructors and verifying online courses are appropriately scheduled. She also works in Banner/Argos and MTSource.


Mark Templeton
Mark Templeton
Director, MTSU Testing Services
615 898-5659

Mark Templeton serves as the Director of MTSU's Testing Center.  In leading the Testing Center, Mr. Templeton ensures students are provided with secure and accessible high-quality exam services.

Sheila Copeland
Test Center Proctor
615 898-2743
Sheila Copeland is a Test Center Proctor in MTSU's Testing Center.  She is responsible for assisting students in efficiently scheduling exam sessions and providing exceptional customer service supporting academic success.




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