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MTSU offers an exceptional online experience for every type of student. Currently, there are 16 fully online programs with various concentrations. Additional information is available at each degree site. Click here to read about how different types of students have been successful in our programs.  

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At a time where students are balancing their family and social lives along with their career, having the option to take a class online has never been more desirable. With almost 800 online and hybrid courses, MTSU is proud to offer flexible options for all students.


We know how important it is to provide exceptional support to our students.  Our program strives to provide online students the same services as our on-ground students. From online technical assistance, course advisement, tutoring and counseling, a career development center and special library services for online students, MTSU Online aims to be accessible and beneficial to all. Learn more about student services here.

Celebrating 23 Years of MTSU Online

MTSU Online began in the 1997 Fall Semester offering seven classes with 53 student enrollments.  Today, MTSU offers 14 online (graduate and undergraduate) programs, and nearly 800 courses are offered in the spring and fall semesters.  Over 23,000 student enrollments in online courses are recorded this fall semester.

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