The MTSU Promise at Cleveland State

Rebecca Darden

Your MTSU Recruiter

I’m your recruiter, Rebecca Darden. I’m happy to help you become True Blue.

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  • We promise you guaranteed admission with a 2.0 and 24 earned college credits.
  • We promise you a $3000 per year scholarship with a 3.0 and 60 earned credits if you are admitted by the February 15th scholarship deadline. See the scholarship website for more details.
  • We promise you a smooth and easy process with access to our advisors for academic inquiries.
  • We promise you superior service from MT One Stop for all enrollment questions.

Students who Promise You, The MTSU Promise is Worth It

Kat Yates, Class of 2020

I was part of the first class to take advantage of Tennessee Promise at Cleveland State. During my time at Cleveland State, I completed an Associate of Science. At MTSU, I am enrolled in the Speech Language Pathology and Audiology Major. My favorite thing about MTSU, besides the beautiful campus and numerous available resources, is the outstanding faculty that I have had the privilege of being taught and advised by. I feel extremely lucky to be a part of such a creditable and outstanding university. Every person I meet on campus is interested in helping students achieve their goals. I have several wonderful instructors. However, Dr. Rebecca Fischer goes above and beyond for her students both in and outside of the classroom. She is always available for advice and answers when we need them. She is passionate about our major and makes the classroom an inviting place. My advice for someone transferring from CSCC to MTSU is to get involved in the life on campus. There are so many more opportunities to invest your time on a university campus than at a community college, so take advantage of it. I believe that CSCC gives students the tools and curriculum they need to be prepared for classes at MTSU. I had no problem adjusting to my new courses because of my amazing instructors at Cleveland State. So, do not be nervous! The transition seems harder than it is. I am so glad I made the choice to come to this school. There are some pretty awesome perks of being a student at MTSU and I would love to share my campus with more students from my Alma Mater.