The MTSU Promise at Southwest Tennessee

Anna Goins

Your MTSU Recruiter

I’m your recruiter, Anna Goins. I’m happy to help you become True Blue.

Please contact me anytime.

  • We promise you guaranteed admission with a 2.0 and 24 earned college credits.
  • We promise you a $3000 per year scholarship with a 3.0 and 60 earned credits if you are admitted by the February 15th scholarship deadline. See the scholarship website for more details.
  • We promise you a smooth and easy process with access to our advisors for academic inquiries.
  • We promise you superior service from MT One Stop for all enrollment questions.

Students who Promise You, The MTSU Promise is Worth It

Niybizi "Kenny" Kennedy, Class of 2019

I transferred from Southwest Tennessee Community College. I came to Middle Tennessee State University to study Video and Film Production with a minor in Communication. I chose MTSU because several good people recommended I come to one of best universities for Media Entertainment. So far, my favorite experiences have been working on projects with people I did not know. Through these experiences, I learned how to work with other students, professors, and other professionals.

Victoria Deckard, Class of 2020

With a desire to be a costume designer, I chose MTSU because of the wonderful theatre program. An added bonus is that it is not too far from Memphis, my hometown. I, at first, thought MTSU was overwhelming because the size of campus compared to the smaller Southwest campus. However, I have adjusted and I love this campus now! The students are great. The professors are great. MTSU is a great place to be. My definition of education is being taught and learning from the best while actually getting a chance to put that knowledge to work. At MTSU, learning and experience happen.