Public Choice Society Annual Meeting - Nashville 2022

Public Choice Society Annual Meeting - Nashville 2022

The 59th Annual Meetings of the Public Choice Society was held March 10-12, 2022, at the Grand Hyatt in Nashville, Tennessee. 

The PERI was the academic host for the Public Choice Society Annual Meetings in Nashville, TN (March 10th-12th), which included being the primary sponsor of the plenary talk, by PERI-affiliated scholar Bryan Caplan and a display on the 60th anniversary of the publication of James Buchanan’s Calculus of Consent. The following PERI faculty and students participated in the conference:

  • o Gabriel Benzecry: “The King’s Gambit: Rationalizing the Fall of the Templars” (Economic History Session Chair)
  • Rania Al-Bawwab: "Zakat: A Case Study of Constraining Free Riding in Charity"
  • Nicholas Reinarts: “Can We Persist, Nevertheless? An Examination of Whether Social Trust Can Mitigate the Deleterious Effect of Political Instability on Economic Prosperity”
  • Protik Nandy: “The Era of Good Feelings”- Was American Growth Finance Led?"
  • Steven Sprick Schuster: “The Persuasive Power of the Fourth Estate: Estimating the Effect of Newspaper Endorsements: 1956-1980”
  • Ennio Piano: Historical Political Economy (Chair, Organizer)
Congratulations to PERI-affiliated scholar, Louis Rouanet, Assistant Professor of Economics at WKU, on winning the Gordon Tullock Prize for the best article in Public Choice by a junior scholar!
The PERI greatly appreciates the assistance from the James E. Walker Library (MTSU), MTSU Honors College, and the Special Collections Research Center, George Mason University for their contributions to our archival exhibit on James Buchanan and Gordon Tullock.



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