Exegesis: Spring 2022 Honors Lecture Series

Exegesis: Spring 2022 Honors Lecture Series

Exegesis: Spring 2022 Honors Lecture Series

Jan. 24 - April 25
Mondays at 3 p.m.
UH 3000  |  MTSU Honors College

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The PERI excited to announce our participation in an upcoming lecture series, "Exegesis," starting Jan. 24 with the MTSU Honors College.

The Spring 2022 Honors College Lecture Series will be centered around The Remnant Trust, Inc. collection of rare and historic books and texts, including selections from Edmund Burke, Galileo, the Bible (1240-1260 manuscript), Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Adam Smith, Dante, Voltaire, Council of Trent, Rousseau, Isaac Newton, Montesquieu, and Machiavelli.

As part of this PERI-sponsored lecture series, economics scholars Daniel Smith and Ennio Piano will be giving presentations this spring. The full schedule is as follows:
  • January 24: Welcome and Introduction with Philip E. Phillips (Honors)
  • January 31: "Das Adam Smith Problem: Economics and Moral Philosophy," with Daniel Smith (Director, Political Economy Research Institute)
  • February 7: "The Bible in America," with John R. Vile (Honors)
  • February 14: "Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, and Parabiblical Literature: Doing Biblical Exegesis During the Biblical Era," with Rebekka King (Philosophy and Religious Studies)
  • February 21: "The Heresies and Heroics of Heliocentrism," with Eric Klumpe (Physics and Astronomy)
  • February 28: "Dante, Poet of Exile and Redemption," with Philip E. Phillips (Honors)
  • March 7: Spring Break
  • March 14: "Machiavelli’s Prince as a Rational Political Actor," with Ennio Piano (PERI, Economics and Finance)
  • March 21: "Interpreting Signs and Predicting the French Revolution," with Joan McRae (World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures)
  • March 28: "Women’s Work for American Relevance: In Their Own Words," with Mary A. Evins (History)
  • April 4: "Thomas Paine: On Rights and Rebellion," with Ken Paulson (Director, Free Speech Center)
  • April 11: National Fellowships and Scholarships, with Laura Clippard (Honors)
  • April 18: MT Engage Presentation with Percy Verret (MT Engage)
  • April 25: Student Thesis Presentations
All lectures take place on Mondays from 3-3:55 p.m. in room UH 3000 at the Honors College.



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