Moot Court

Moot Court is a student organization that teaches the basic proceedings of the oral arguments process at the Supreme Court. Students participate as lawyers for either the petitioners, questioning the ruling of the lower courts, or as the respondent, arguing for the lower court ruling to stand. Participants learn to prepare and deliver arguments in front of the Court and must be prepared to answer questions of law when interrupted by the justices.

Because Moot Court works as teams of two at regional competitions and because each school is limited to 4 teams at a regional competition, the MTSU Moot Court team is limited to 8 students. While it is primarily designed to further the experience of pre-law students, students of any major are able to join.

Moot Court, like the other student organizations affiliated with the political science department will help students think analytically and will improve their public speaking abilities.

Students interested in the Moot Court team should email Dr. Amanda DiPaolo directly at As of now, there is no class for Moot Court, but it does serve as an extra- curricular activity.

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