Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a post office box?

If you are a student who lives on campus, you have a free box assigned to you. If you are a returning student, your box number should stay the same as last term. If you are a new or transfer student, you will be assigned your box number about a week before classes begin. To find out your box number, login to your Pipeline account, and select the MTSU Post Office Box and Combination link in the Personal Information box on the Home Page.  Here you'll find all the info you need.

Who is eligible to have a post office box?

MTSU students who are registered for the current semester receive a box for free if they live on campus. Current students living off campus may rent a box for $12.00 per semester.

What if someone sending me something, forgot to put my box number on my mail or parcel?

We do provide look up service for first class mail and parcels, meaning that we will look up your box number. This will delay your mail, so please make every effort to have your box number on your mail.

What if I am a student, but have no post office box number - what will happen to mail & parcels received for me?

Mail received for students who do not have a post office box will be returned to sender. If you do not live on campus and wish to have a post office box, you may rent one for $12.00 per semester.

Will I keep the same box number every year?

Provided that you are continuously registered every semester except summer (and your tuition and fees are paid on time) you should keep the same box number until you graduate. During the summer, you can have your mail forwarded to you or pay $12.00 to keep the box during the summer.

Are the boxes closed during the Summer Session?

No, but your mail will sit in your box all summer until your return. However, your packages will be returned to sender unless you have either registered for the Summer Session or paid $12.00 rent on your box.  You will need to submit a temporary change of address to the campus post office via your Pipeline Account to forward your mail & USPS parcels for the summer; then you will begin receiving mail again when Fall Semester begins.  UPS, Fed Ex & DHL cannot be forwarded and therefore they will be returned to sender unless you have paid $12 for a summer box or you are enrolled for the summer.

Can I keep my box open during the Summer?

Yes, Bring your MTSU ID and pay the postal fee (currently $12) at the window.

What if I receive something too big to go in my mail box?

You will receive an email or text message to pick up your package. You will need your MTSU ID card to retrieve it.

What if I receive mail that has to be signed for (Registered, Certified, Express, etc.)?

You will receive an email or text message to pick up your item. You will need your MTSU ID card.

How will I know my address?

If you are a new student living on campus, you can find out your address about two weeks before the semester begins on Pipeline by selecting the MTSU Post Office Box and Combination link in the Personal Information box on the Home page.  If you are eligible for a PO box and the number has been assigned, the information will be here.

Where will I find the combination and instructions for opening my Post Office Box?

The combination will be in Pipeline, as explained above.  Instructions for how to open the box are posted on the walls near your PO box.  If you have difficulty opening your box, speak with someone at the campus post office for assistance.

How should my mail be addressed?

Your Full Name
Box _________
1301 E Main Street
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Lack of a box number could result in your mail being returned to sender.

What are your hours?

The campus post office is open Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The post office is closed on all campus holidays. Mail will not be delivered to the boxes on these days.

Some package carriers (Fed Ex, UPS, DHL) will not send to Post Office boxes, how can I get these items delivered?

Use your complete address (i.e.. Full Name, Box ____, MTSU, 1301 E Main Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37132). Packages for students will be delivered to the post office by the other carriers. We will notify you by email or text to let you know the package has arrived. If the company you are ordering from says that they do not deliver to post office boxes, you may put your box number after the street address like this: 1301 E Main Street # ____.

Do you ship by other carriers - Fed Ex, UPS, DHL?

No, we are contracted with the U. S. Postal Service to provide shipping services. USPS has Priority Mail, which is a 2-3 day delivery and Express Mail, which is generally overnight. Prices are very competitive with other carriers.

I have forgotten my combination or box number. Can I call the post office and get this information?

No, but you can find this information in Pipeline by selecting the MTSU Post Office Box and Combination link in the Personal Information box on the Home page.  See question above for more information.

If I withdraw from school one semester or if I register late, will I get the same P. O. Box when I return?

Usually not, the box will be reissued to another student.

How can I forward my mail?

You can forward your mail online on Pipeline by selecting the MTSU Post Office Box Forwarding Address link in the Personal Information box on the Home page.  Under that look for MTSU Post Office Box Forwarding Address. You can forward for the Summer term or permanently if you have graduated or moved away.

Where is the Post Office located?

The Post Office is located at Keathley University Center on the ground floor across from the Testing Center.

Do Greek Row students get free post office boxes?

Yes they do.

Do you accept Credit and Debit cards?

Yes, we do accept Credit and Debit cards for all postal services, except renting a post office box.  For that you will need cash or check. Money Orders may only be purchased with cash or debit, with a limit of $700 for debit cards.

Do you have boxes at the post office for mailing items?

Yes, we have USPS Priority Mail boxes as well as some free boxes that have been left with us by students. We also sell padded envelopes and manila envelopes.

Do you work just like a regular post office? Can I mail items there?

Yes, we are under contract with the US Postal Service and do almost every service that they do. We sell stamps, stamped envelopes, mail packages and sell money orders. One difference is that to mail an international package, you must complete a customs form online and present with your package. We are unable to accept manually completed forms. Go to USPS Customs Form to complete the form.


Post Office Hours

Monday - Friday

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Closed University Holidays.

 (615) 898-2459