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Hands Across MTSU event featuring students, faculty, staff, alumni and supporters across campus joining hands to form a human chain to promote unity and solidarity.

The formula for student success involves more than just ensuring students make it to class, fulfill course obligations, and get consistent and proper academic advising on their journey toward a degree. After all, college life is more than just books and classrooms.

Connection Point

The Connection Point program continues to be an effective initiative to engage our first-semester freshman students with exciting out-of-classroom involvement activities. Fall 2017 marked the beginning of the program’s fth year! More than 80 percent of our first-semester freshmen participated in the program during Fall 2017, which reflects an attendance increase. Large numbers of upper-class students also attended many of the events.

A new addition to the slate of programs included Freedom Sings, featuring musical artists performing popular songs that at different points in history were banned or censored due to controversial social or political issues during the time of their release.

Connection Point Spring 2018 will include motivational speakers, free movies, sporting events, a free concert for students, and much more! Visit for a complete list of events.

Other Activities

Student Organization Fair: This event will provide students with an opportunity to meet members from many of our 250-plus student organizations and learn how to get involved with one or more of these groups. The fair will be held Wednesday, Jan. 24 at 2:00–5:00 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom.

Women’s History Month: Celebrated throughout March, the month of activities always includes a well-known keynote speaker who inspires audience members to support worthwhile causes. An events calendar will be available by mid-February at

MT After Dark: Come out and enjoy FREE first-run movies at this annual event, which takes place at the Premier 6 movie theater in Murfreesboro on Thursday, March 22. Doors open at 11:00 p.m., and movies start at midnight.

Hands Across MTSU

Hundreds of students, faculty, staff, and alumni joined hands and formed a human chain across the campus of MTSU on Nov. 6 in a strong show of unity and as a demonstration of solidarity across a diverse campus.

Participants linked hands for about 15 minutes in between classes. The event was one of several programs and activities on campus recently as an outgrowth of a meeting between President Sidney A. McPhee and the MTSU Intercultural and Diversity Affairs Advisory Board.


The event mirrored the 1986 Hands Across America event where Americans embraced each other in a human chain to show their support in the ght against hunger and homelessness.

Hands Across MTSU celebrated the University’s strength through its diversity.

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