Tests and Examinations

Official final examination schedules are announced on the Registration Guide. Final exams should be administered during the date and time announced. A faculty member may administer the official exam to an individual student at other than the scheduled date and time should a faculty member deem the student's request justified. In special cases, with the approval of the dean of the appropriate college, final examinations may be given outside the official exam period.

Regular class meetings should not be used for the administration of final examinations.

Periodic tests arranged by the instructor should be scheduled and announced far enough ahead so that conflicts and student absences can be avoided.

Examinations will start and end promptly within the indicated period. Faculty members are expected to take precautions against the common forms of cheating on examinations, and instances of cheating should be promptly reported to the department chair.

All final examination papers that are not returned to students must be filed by the instructor and kept at least until the end of the next semester. Summer session final exams should be retained until the end of the fall semester. Students who wish to see their examination papers should be allowed to do so provided they make the request within this period of time.

The Dean of Graduate Studies should be contacted about graduate school tests and examination policies.