Mastering Lab

The Mastering Lab (also known as Lab A) is a multimedia classroom used primarily for audio production courses that require reference monitoring with or without DAW integration. The lab supports in-the-box mixing, audio mastering (with hybrid digital and analog signal processing) and media authoring.

Monitor Systems

Genelec 8260A three-way active DSP monitors with GLM Autocal system (two-channel stereo). Discrete Research/Coastal Acoustics/Boxer monitors (5.1 surround). Distributed headphone amplification to 24 seats.

Digital Audio Workstation

  • Merging Technologies Pyramix MassCore with Horus networked audio I/O and conversion
  • Avid Pro Tools with RME UCX audio I/O and conversion
  • Apogee Rosetta 200 ADC/DAC and digital format converter
  • Audio applications include iZotope Ozone Advanced, iZotope RX Advanced, and Sonoris DDP Creator Pro

Analog Audio Processing

  • Crookwood M30 Mastering Console and Monitor Controller
  • Millennia NSEQ-2 Dual-Topology equalizer
  • Manley Vari-Mu mastering compressor
  • Additional patch points for Technics turntable, converters, and check-out equipment

Additional Features

  • Flexible video signal routing, dual flat-panel displays, and installed projection
  • CD-R burning and playback
  • Blu-ray, DVD and SACD playback
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