Sophos Home Premium

Before you begin, we highly recommend that you read the FAQs at the bottom of the page.  

Installation Instructions


  1. Open a Web browser and go to and enter your MTSU email address to start the process of validating your free license.

    Sophos web screenshot

  2. You will receive an email that looks like the below screenshot. If you already have a Sophos Home account, follow the instructions in the email. Otherwise, click the Create Account button to create a Sophos Home account:

    Sophos email screenshot

  3. Use the link in the email to create an account using your personal email address. Register using your personal email address. (Note that do you DO NOT need to receive offers or promotional information from Sophos to retrieve the free copy of Sophos Home.) When you’re done, click the green Create Account button.

    Sophos create account screenshot

  4. Download the software installer to your device and install Sophos Home. A reboot will be needed to complete the installation. Sophos will automatically connect to your Sophos Home account.


Sophos Home Premium FAQs

What are the system requirements for Sophos Home Premium?

Review Sophos Home system requirements on the main Sophos Support Website.

What are the differences between the Free and Premium editions?

Sophos Home Free includes always-on antivirus, and parental web filtering. Sophos Home Premium goes far beyond traditional antivirus to deliver advanced, real-time protection from the latest ransomware, malicious software, hacking attempts, and more.

What platforms does Sophos Home Premium support?

Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Review a complete explanation of Sophos Home system requirements on the main Sophos Support Website.

Does Sophos Home Premium work on Linux?

No. Review a complete explanation of Sophos Home system requirements on the main Sophos Support Website.

How many devices can I protect with Sophos Home Premium?

Your MTSU license allows you to install Sophos Home Premium on up to 10 devices.

I’ve reached the limit of devices and need to protect more. Can I do that?

If you have reached the limit and want to protect another device, you must first remove an existing device from the dashboard or purchase another Sophos Home Premium license using a different email address. The two accounts cannot be combined and must be managed separately.

Does ITD have access to my personal devices via Sophos Home Premium?

No, ITD has no access to your personal devices with Sophos Home Premium installed.

Do I have to reregister with Sophos every year?

No, Sophos Home Premium licenses will be automatically extended by Sophos.

Can I use Sophos Home Premium with my other antivirus software?

Running two antiviruses doesn’t double your protection. All security vendors recommend removing your current antivirus before installing or running a new antivirus. Some computer maintenance software also contains antivirus-like features (such as ransomware protection, threat detection, etc...), which can cause problems.

Do I contact the ITD Help Desk for support with my Sophos Home Premium?

No, as this is a personal product, you’ll need to contact Sophos Support directly. Sophos Home Premium users have access to professional support agents from Monday to Friday, 8AM to 8PM Eastern UTC -5, via a chat window on the Sophos Home Dashboard or via the Sophos Home Support Page.




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