Enabling Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)

You must register for this service using an alternate (personal) email address, and if you choose, a mobile phone number. Security questions can also be set up to restore your password.

After completing this process, you will be able to change your own password wtihout the assistance of the Help Desk.

This process must be completed within 15 minutes.


  1. Navigate to an SSO-enabled website, such as Pipeline, Webmail, office.com, etc.
    WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND CONFIGURING ALL 3 OPTIONS FOR VERIFICATION. Once you have completed the configuration, click “Finish".

  2. Login with your current MTSU ID (FSA) credentials.
    Example, username@mtsu.edu or username@mtmail.mtsu.edu and your current password 

  3. Click “Next”. 
    The phone number that you set for your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will populate but will need to be verified.

  4. Click Verify. 

  5. Click “Text Me” or “Call Me” to verify your account.
    1. If you select text me, you will get a text with a 6 digit number to use for Microsoft Verification
    2. If you select call me, the system will call you.
      1. Once you answer you be asked to press # to finish verification.
      2. Press # to finish verification

  6. Enter Verification Code and Click Verify.
    You will notice that the “Authentication Phone” now has a green check mark.

  7. Set up your alternate email address. Click on the “Set it up now” link next to “Authentication Email is not configured”.

  8. Enter an alternate email address (preferably an Outlook.com, Gmail, or Yahoo address).
    You cannot use your @mtsu or @mtmail account.  

  9. Click on “Email me”. Check your inbox for the email from Microsoft with your verification code.
    The system will email you a verification code.

  10. Enter the 6 digit verification code and click “Verify”.

  11. To set up the 3 security questions, click on the “Set them up now” link, next to “Security Questions” entry.
    1. Select 3 different questions from the drop down menu and provide your own personal answer for each question in the space provided.  Click “Save Answers” when completed.
    2. Sample of Questions and Answers

  12. Click “Save Answers”
    Notice that all options configured will show a green check beside them.

  13. Click “Finish” to proceed or “Change” to make any adjustments.
    Upon clicking “Finish” you may be asked to confirm your current password.

If you couldn’t complete your setup in the 15 minutes or if want to change your security settings, after the initial setup, go to myapps.microsoft.com.

  1. Click on your account on the top right and click “Profile”
  2. Click “Set up self-service password reset” and continue where you left off or make any changes needed.
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