Pinson Mounds Archaeological Project Acknowledgements

The 1999 Pinson Mounds Archaeological Project was assisted by many individuals. My special thanks to Nick Fielder and Mark Norton of the Tennessee Division of Archaeology for working with me to create a mutually beneficial project. We appreciate the assistance of the Tennessee Division of Forestry in providing access to the pine orchard for the investigations. The staff at Pinson Mounds State Archaeological Park were of tremendous assistance throughout the project. In addition, we appreciate the park hosting the Mid-South Archaeological Conference at the same time. Mark Norton and I were ably assisted by Mr. David Michaels of the University of the South, who served as Field Assistant for the project.

Our thanks to all of the volunteers on the project -- three long-term volunteers deserve special mention: Bryan Jackson, Cindy Nicks, and Parris Stripling.

Finally, the project could not have happened without the most important contributors -- the students from Middle Tennessee State University and the University of the South who provided the dedicated and conscientious labor as part of the learning process.