Welcome to Student Organizations & Service


Welcome to MTSU and the adventure of a lifetime! As a student, you should always take full advantage of the opportunities afforded you throughout your college career. One of which is to join or create a student organization, attend a leadership conference, or volunteer at a local agency. Becoming involved in Student Life will provide you with many opportunities for learning outside of the classroom, meeting people from other cultures, challenging yourself with new programs, and meeting people with similar interests. Being involved can help you meet career goals, develop organizational skills and personal interests, and enrich your sense of self-worth. The Student Organizations & Service staff realizes the importance of serving you the student. We want to help you succeed. If you are looking for a place to become connected and are not sure where to turn, please come and see us. We are here to serve as resources for all students and help you become successful in your college life.

We hope the experiences you have as a member of Middle Tennessee State University are both challenging and rewarding. If we can offer assistance to you, please feel free to stop by the Student Organizations & Service Office in SU 330 or call us at (615) 898-5812.

Best Regards,

Jacqueline Victory
Director, Student Organizations & Service