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Leader Lessons is a series of quick topics that will allow MTSU students to enhance their leadership knowledge and skills. A new topic is published regularly through email and the website.  Below you will find popular topics from previous years that you are able to read and share with others.

Creating a Shared Vision

When you take on a leadership position, chances are that you're full of new, exciting ideas and a vision for where you'd like the group to go. While this is great in the enthusiasm department, it's also important to remember that a key part of being a good leader is inspiring others to a shared vision.

4 Key Things New Leadership Need to Know

Becoming an effective leader requires developing an understanding of the characteristics you need to possess and the characteristics you should seek in your teammates.

Taking Social Media Precautions

Many politicians and public servants have seen their careers altered significantly after private information was posted on a social media site.  As a leader, your reputation is important to protect. 

Bystander Intervention

Every campus has a population of bystanders who support sexual violence.  They may not mean to do so, yet by not intervening when they see something happening, not reporting actions or dismissing certain behaviors, they are essentially sending a message to perpetrators that their actions are okay.

Staying Positive in Your Leadership Position

Leadership has its benefits and its challenges.  Staying positive can be difficult, especially during the challenging times.  However, it is essential for a leader to stay positive because your attitude will be apparent to and impact the way everyone else reacts.

Being a Helper

When we live, work, play and study with other people, we often see their layers.  On the surface, someone may be easy-going and seem to have a lot of friends.  Yet, delving deeper, you may realize that he doesn't feel close to many people and is having trouble figuring out who he really is.  We are all like onions, full of multiple layers that, when peeled away, get closer to our real self.  And during that time at college, issues often tend to come out.

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