Welcome to the MTSU Game Room!


General Information

The Game Room is located on the first floor of the Student Union building beside the food court and ATM's (click here for Game Room hours). Due to COVID-19, the MTSU Student Union Game Room will only allow current MTSU students with a Blue ID. Typically, students may have 1 additional student per activity (i.e. two people playing billiards, two people playing ping pong, etc.), except in the circumstance of an event moratorium. Non-student guests will not be allowed until further notice for contact tracing purposes. 

Anyone entering the Game Room will be required to wear a mask and abide by all social distancing policies.  You are required to reserve the Game Room in advance. No walk-ups will be honored. Reservations may be scheduled below.

We will be operating on reduced capacity until local, state, federal, and health guidelines indicate otherwise. Currently, the Game Room features:

  • 3 Pool tables
  • 1 Ping Pong tables
  • 2 Gaming stations

Outside rentals of the MTSU Student Union Game Room will not be permitted until further notice.

2021 Summer Hours
Regular Schedule

Monday-Thursday 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
CUSTOMS Dates: If CUSTOMS falls on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, the Game Room will be open for CUSTOMS previews. Incoming students and parents may briefly tour the Game Room between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. on their scheduled CUSTOMS date.

We will be closed on Memorial Day and Independence Day. Otherwise, any additional adjustments will be posted on our social media. Follow @mt_spare on Facebook and Instagram.

Game Room Rules of Conduct

  1. All patrons must wear a mask and respect social distancing.
  2. Be respectful of all Game Room staff and patrons. No cursing or name-calling.
  3. Do not sit or lean on pool tables for shots. Do not move any gaming tables.
  4. No masse or jump shots. Do not aim cue downwards at felt.
  5. Do not hit ping pong paddles against the table.
  6. Equipment should never leave the Game Room. Do not leave any equipment unattended.
  7. No loud music. Headphones must be used when listening to personal music.
  8. No food or drink on pool or ping pong tables.
  9. Always wear shoes while in the Game Room and in the Student Union.
  10. Equipment must be checked in and out by the same person. You may not trade equipment. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES.

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in removal from the Game Room possibly including University Police and/or Office of Student Conduct involvement.

This form is recommended to be completed on a computer. If you are using a mobile device, you may need to disable rotation lock so that you may put your device into landscape mode to see the "reserve" options. If you need assistance filling out a reservation, call the Game Room during our open hours at 615-904-8009 and a team member will help you.

When making a reservation, you (and your guest) are expected to utilize the same station for the duration of the reservation. We are working to assure that students who reserve stations have them available upon arrival and swapping stations mid-reservation can hinder the limited resources that we are operating with at the current time. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are only students allowed? 

Under current COVID-19 guidelines and contract tracing procedures, the MTSU Student Union Game Room is only open to students. Students will be able to have one additional student join them at each activity (i.e. two people playing billiards, two people playing ping pong, etc.). CUSTOMS participants may attend a brief preview of the facility.

Q: Are food and drinks allowed? 

For cleanliness and safety, we ask that patrons do not bring food or drinks inside the Game Room, unless drinks are resealable (water bottles, soda bottles, etc.)

Q: How do I rent the Game Room? 

A: Due to COVID-19, rentals are strictly prohibited until further notice. 

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