Techniques for more Experienced Users

Additional tools that can facilitate remote teaching

If you want to use more advanced tools to facilitate remote teaching in our courses, MTSU online and the Faculty Instructional Technology Center have created how-to guides that you can download or use online. Review the following options and select the one that suits your needs.

D2L Basics

These pages contain additional step by step text instructions with screen capture images for using the majority of D2L tools.

MTSU Online

The Remote Contingency Guide provides step by step instructions on some of the most basic needs in a remote instruction course. This pdf is also available in the MTSU Online Certification course as a module which can be accessed via the Self registration link in the D2L Navigation bar.

  1. Log-in to D2L
  2. In the top navbar, select Self-Registration
  3. From here, we encourage enrolling in both the Teaching with D2L – FITC course and the MTSU Online Certification
  4. Click on the course title
  5. Click Register
  6. Enter MTSU email address
  7. Click Submit \The courses will now appear in the development tab of your D2L homepage (Development is the second tab from the left)
  8. Click MTSU Online Certification
  9. Click Content in the top navbar
  10. Contingency Module: Remote Instruction is the first module.  

Teaching with D2L Online Training Course

Explore further with this online course, which contains information and more than 30 instructional videos on using D2L for effective online teaching, covering topics such as “Creating a File of Information”, “Creating Short-captioned videos” and “Grading Student Submissions”. The course can be done in its entirety or you can chose from the Table of Contents or the Video Library Index just those sections that pertain to your needs.

D2L Bootcamp Screenshot