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6 Socially Distant Resources to Help You Thrive

The COVID-19 pandemic has wrecked a little havoc in all of our lives. It is completely natural to feel stressed in the uncertainty, but MTSU is working hard to create a safe and positive learning environment whether your classes are on campus, online, or a little mix of both.

For us, the students, there is one big thing that we need to remember: There are so many resources for us to succeed, and nearly all of them are being reworked and improved to fit our needs during this time.

Here at the Student Voice, we totally get what you’re going through. To help out, here are some of those resources that are available to help you become the best student you can be!

Online Tutoring/Writing Center

Two game-changing programs that have improved my grades personally are the University Writing Centerand the Tutoring Spot. In conjunction, these services can transform your grades and get you on the right track for any class.

The University Writing Center will look over any writing assignment in any subject, in addition to other written works such as personal statements or speeches. During this time, they have transitioned to online-only appointments, including face-to-face and document drop tutoring.

The Tutoring Spot is MTSU’s free tutoring service and offers tutors for over 200 courses! While it is uncertain whether or not any on-campus tutoring will take place, free tutoring has been offered via Zoom since the Spring 2020 semester.

Library Curbside Pickup and E-Books


Career Center Virtual Sessions


We’re all here because we want to have successful careers, right? MTSU’s Career Development Center is your one-stop-shop for preparing to enter the workforce.

Whether it be a career advising appointment or a review of your resume, the center is still working hard to help you succeed.

Like the writing center, they offer a document drop where you submit your resume and receive feedback from a professional career advisor. In addition, they are still conducting advising appointments virtually.

Have a big interview coming up? Funny and conveniently enough, MTSU provides students a platform to practice the interviewing skills, called “Big Interview.” 

Using a huge database of questions from different experience levels and industries, this is the perfect way to get comfortable with interviewing – especially with so many companies conducting interviews virtually.

Zoom Study Groups and Conferences


Some may wonder, “How can I have a productive study session with my classmates while maintaining social distancing guidelines?” To that I reply, “Zoom!”

MTSU provides access to a full version of Zoom, a virtual meeting program. You log in with your school credentials, start a meeting, invite your classmates, and you’re done! 

You can share your screen to look at lecture slides as you study, or work problems together virtually. There are a lot of features that you may find useful, so start up a meeting and start working to figure out the software before the semester begins.

Campus Rec Virtual Programming

Another area of campus life that may look different is the Campus Recreation Center. While it is a great facility to get in shape and have fun doing so, it is likely that services will be altered.

That doesn’t mean that the rec won’t be there for you, though! Since the building initially closed, their staff have provided virtual workout routines via social media, allowing for an accessible experience that everyone can follow at home.

Keep an eye on their social media pages as we get closer to the Fall 2020 semester to see what they have planned!

Free COVID-19 Testing

Finally, if you didn’t know, the Rutherford County Health Department is offering free COVID-19 testing at their office on 100 West Burton Street, here in Murfreesboro.

If you have any symptoms of the virus, first call (615) 898-7880 or (615) 849-0347 before you go get tested.

Just because life is a little different during this time doesn’t mean that you can’t live out the True Blue Pledge. You can still be engaged in the life of this community and learn, now and forever. Stay on course, friends!