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Our Mask Requirement

Do I have to wear a mask?

Masks are required inside all campus buildings, including classrooms, labs, offices, and common areas such as hallways, stairways, elevators, restrooms, and other shared spaces. Masks and social distancing also are highly recommended when outdoors.

Will personal protective equipment (PPE) be provided to staff and students?

The University is providing reusable masks to all employees and students, along with reusable microfiber cloths, spray disinfectant, and no-touch thermometers to campus departments.

How are we defining "mask"?

  • A mask is a face covering that fits snugly against the side of the face; completely covers the nose and mouth; is secured with ties or ear loops; includes multiple layers of fabric; allows for breathing without restriction; and can be laundered and machine-dried without damaging or changing its shape.
  • Appropriate masks or face coverings include disposable single-use paper masks with ear loops or ties, gaiters, balaclavas, and bandanas.

May I use a face shield instead of a mask?

No, the current recommendation is that face shields do not serve as an adequate barrier against aerosolized particles escaping into the air.

Classroom and Instruction

What happens if my instructor tests positive?

The department chair or program director will ensure that your courses are covered.

What happens if someone in my class is diagnosed with COVID-19?

  • In a socially distanced classroom setting with all participants being six feet apart and wearing face coverings, the current Tennessee Department of Health view is contagion risk is low and no quarantines of classroom participants are necessary.
  • However, in a non-socially distanced classroom without face coverings, Tennessee Department of Health officials will work to quarantine close contacts.

If I decide that it is too risky to be on campus and want to move my classes to online or remote options, will I be allowed to do so?

Students wishing to move their classes from on-ground to online or remote after the semester begins and after the Drop/Add period will need to consult with their instructors and advisor. Students who anticipate this possibility should enroll in online/remote options.

How will I know what’s going on in a class that I missed because I’m sick or isolated? Will we video all in-person classes?

Classrooms are being equipped to stream classes live as well as record for later viewing.  For classes where recording may not be appropriate, instructors will provide alternate materials. A Videos link appearing in the navigation bar for every course in D2L will provide recordings of all class meetings.

Will students diagnosed with COVID-19 be able to make up missed assignments/have accommodations made so that they can finish their classes, either on ground or online?

Yes. Students with COVID-related health issues should inform their instructors as soon as possible of the situation to arrive at the best solution.

Will Incomplete or Withdrawal policies change to address the needs of students who become ill?

Changing Incomplete and Withdrawal policies is not under discussion. Students who become ill should inform their instructor and/or advisor of the situation to determine the best solution.

If I miss class to care for a loved one who contracts COVID-19, how are my absences handled?

Neither MTSU Policy 311 nor 311-A Class Attendance addresses this possibility. Students should discuss any change in family circumstances that impacts attendance with their instructor and/or advisor.

What arrangements are being made for students who need internships or student-teaching assignments to complete their degrees?

Students whose degree plans require internships, teaching residency, or clinicals should discuss plans for these courses with their instructor/advisor/program director.


Will computer labs be available?

MTSU’s large computer labs—BAS S137, KOM 350/351/360, Adaptive Technology Center (Walker Library Room 174), and Walker Library computer lab—as well as other smaller labs scattered throughout campus will be available. They will have reduced capacity because of required social distancing.

How often will computer labs be cleaned?

Although it is everyone’s personal responsibility to stay sanitized and to care for fellow students (and the University’s equipment), assistants in larger labs will clean computers in high-use areas every hour. For departmental labs with no assistants, computers will be cleaned daily.

If my classes are online, will MTSU provide computer and internet access if I don’t already have it?

Please review the options for borrowed technology at the library website.

If I need special accommodations with computer access to take online classes, what do I do?

Contact the Disability and Access Center ( or 615-898-2783).

Safety and Health

Will social distancing be enforced on campus?

Yes.  Students who fail to follow all social distancing protocols, including wearing masks and maintaining six feet of distance, may be reported to the Office of Student Conduct.

What happens if I forget my mask? Where will I be able to obtain one?

Academic departments will have a limited number of disposable masks for students who forget their masks. Administrative departments will have disposable masks for visitors. Masks also can be purchased at MTSU’s Phillips Bookstore in the Student Union.

What should I do if I feel sick or if someone in my home is exhibiting symptoms?

  • Do not go to class.
  • Separate yourself from other people.
  • Monitor your symptoms.
  • Contact the Nurse Triage Line at Student Health Services at 615-494-7745 to report your symptoms and receive instructions about what to do next. 

May a family member contact my instructor or a designated person on campus if I am sick?

Yes, but you need to have a Partners in Education (PIE) agreement on file with MT One Stop ( or 615-898-2111).

Do I have to provide a doctor’s note to my instructor or campus?

According to MTSU Policy 311-A Class Attendance, while an instructor may request a doctor’s note, you are not required to provide one.

Am I required to attend a remote class if I am sick?

No, you are not required to attend a remote class if you are ill. Students should evaluate their ability to learn remotely in such a situation and act accordingly.   

What should I do if I learn that a fellow student has COVID-19 or has recently been exposed to an infected person but is not quarantining or following campus guidelines?

Report the behavior to Student Conduct at Select “COVID-19 Non-compliance.”

How can I access mental health and support services for my anxieties related to the virus and all of these changes?

Contact Counseling Services (615-898-2670) for a telehealth or in-person screening. Short-term individual and group counseling services are available. Counseling Services also offers Self-Help Exercises for Dealing with COVID-19.  

Facilities and Services

Will there be workspaces on campus for students to use when they aren’t in class or between classes?

  • Campus computer labs will be open for students along with various locations in Keathley University Center and the Student Union. Students will need to check the schedule of availability for spaces that also are being used as classrooms.
  • In addition, wireless connectivity is being installed in some parking lots for students to use while in their car.
  • Walker Library will be open but with limited occupancy. You can see the live occupancy numbers and library operating hours at

What facilities on campus will be open?

  • The campus moved to Phase 3 operations on Aug. 3, which means all offices are open and services are available. However, there may be modifications for safety reasons.
  • All operating hours will be posted at building entrances and on their websites. For lab hours, students should consult their instructor or the lab manager.
  • MTSU’s Phillips Bookstore is open and applying safe practices for staff and customers. They also will order materials for you online with free shipping and curbside pickup.

Will vending machines still be available?

Vending will be available when the buildings are reopened.

Will students with no on-ground classes have to purchase parking?

The Campus Access fee for parking services is part of the Program Services Fee. This fee will be required of all students as it is used to maintain roads, sidewalks, lighting, and other parts of the campus, as well as make payments on previous debt in these areas.

How will Raider Xpress operate?

  • Occupancy will be reduced to 50% capacity.
  • Shields have been installed to protect drivers and passengers during loading and unloading.
  • All occupants, including drivers, are required to wear masks.
  • All buses will be completely wiped down/sanitized at the end of each shift.