Welcome to the Student Event Planning web site at MTSU!

The purpose of this web site is to help MTSU student organizations have better access to event planning information This includes all required forms for planning events on campus. We've developed this site in hopes that you will take the time to utilize it as a one stop shop for all of your event planning needs. We will explain different types of events, how you can find venue availability on campus, the process for planning everything from a meeting to a large scale concert, how to plan a budget, ways to advertise on campus and all the other things that go with planning an event that you may or may not be aware of.

This site was created as a result of collaborations and meetings between the Division of Student Affairs and Division of Business and Finance that occurred to help find ways to make event planning more efficient on campus for students, faculty, staff and guests.

This site is here to help you! We're always looking for suggestions and ways to improve the site so if you see an error, or have a suggestion for information that should be housed on this site, please do not hesitate to contact us!