Event Forms & Documents

Please find a list of forms, documents and policies that are necessary to host events on MTSU's campus. The forms are listed alphabetically and not all forms are required for every event. If you have questions about a specific form, please contact us !

  • Application to Bring Food on Campus [PDF]
    Why is this needed? MTSU has an exclusive contract with a food service provider for our food venues and events on campus - currently, Aramark Food Services provides this service to the campus community.
  • Application for Use of Facilities [PDF]
    Why is this needed? The Application for Use of Facilities form is required for all space reservations on campus for student organizations, departments and outside entities. It basically books the space you need to hold events on campus. This form should be completed by the student applicant or requestor, authorized (signed) by the student organization's advisor, then submitted to the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership office (SU 330). Once the form is approved by CSIL it is then routed to the correct Venue Event Coordinator. It is HIGHLY recommended that you contact the scheduler PRIOR to completing this application. This form needs to be completed, approved and submitted to the correct Venue Event Coordinator five (5) business days prior to the first date of the event(s). Please note, the Campus Recreation Center uses a different application for use of it's facilities, but contains most of the same information. The same signatures are still required.
  • Application for Use/Rental of PA [PDF]
    Why is this needed? Do you have an event where you would like to play your iPod or need a small sound system to amplify sound for a DJ? Do you have an event where you have a speaker but don't have the budget for professional sound reinforcement? The Center For Student Involvement and Leadership office rents a small, easy to use sound system for just this purpose! The cost to rent the PA System is $25 for upkeep and maintenance of the equipment. Payment is due upon submitting application or picking up the PA System. This sound system does NOT come with a technician to operate the system, nor is intended use for the purpose of doing a large scale event (a concert, for example). Questions concerning operation of the system should be directed to the Center For Student Involvement and Leadership. The application must be submitted to the CSIL office (SU 330) and the PA system must also be picked up from the same office (SU 330). If the PA System is for rental during the weekend or after normal business hours, please contact the CSIL office at (615) 898-5812 to arrange a pick up time.
  • Banner Reservation Form [PDF]
  • Campus Recreation Application for Use of Facilities Form [PDF]
    Why is this needed? See the Application for Use of Facilities Form explanation. Once completed, approved by the advisor, CSIL office and accepted/approved by the Campus Recreation event coordinator you will have booked space in the Rec Center. Again, it is HIGHLY recommended to place a tentative hold on a location PRIOR to completing this application.
  • Catering request/orders [Online Ordering System]
    Why is this needed? Do you need food for your event? Does your performer have specific requests or do you need finger foods for your guests? Our on-campus catering service has several options to provide you with exactly what you need for your event. This site gives menu options and pricing. Contact Catering Services for more details at (615) 898-2202. Note that catering does not provide tables or chairs for food orders. For tables, contact Venue Event Coordinator or Event Coordination.
  • Film/Movie License Info [Explanation and Procedures]
    Why is this needed? Federal law dictates the use of copyrighted materials. Videos and DVD's purchased or rented by an individual or organizations are for personal use only. "Public performances" are not permitted under Federal law. Public performance settings include the union facilities, auxiliary facilities, outdoor screenings and spaces in academic buildings. Only classes for academic credit or those restricted to enrolled class members may show films in these spaces without creating a public performance.
  • Fundraising Request Form [PDF]
    Why is this needed? The Fundraising form is requested to be completed and registered with the CSIL office so their office is aware of the type of fundraising occurring on campus.
  • Greek Dance/Party Form [PDF]
    Why is this needed? FOR GREEK ORGANIZATIONS ONLY. This form is required by the Greek Affairs Office for Greek organizations to register any party or dance event held on or off campus.
  • Outdoor Amplified Sound Request [PDF]
  • Student Programming Co-Sponsorship Form [Online Request Form]
    Why is this needed? Don't have enough money to host the event you want to come to campus? Do you need assistance with promotion, technical needs or even just advice? Well, that's what Student Programming does on a daily basis and they are here for you. In addition to the events they program on campus, they also allow student organizations and departments to request for financial assistance to program other events on campus. The form must be completed the semester prior to the event your planning. For more information, contact the Student Programming office at (615) 898-2551.
  • Student Activity Fee Guidelines [PDF]
    Why is this needed? Find out how to request student activity fees for producing your event.
  • Student Activity Fee Request Form [PDF]
    Why is this needed? This form is required to request activity fees for your student organization.