Film and Movie Rights

In order to show a film publicly on campus one must obtain a "public performance license" from the film's distributor prior to the screening. There is a fee for the license, and fees can be substantial depending on the film, size of the audience, and number of showings. Showing a film free of charge does not remove the licensure fee requirement.

If you are interested in showing a film on campus, please contact the MTSU Film's Committee in the Student Programming office located in KUC 308 or they may be reached by phone at (615) 898-2551 or via email. The Films Committee chairperson will contact you with the film information and pricing.

If the film is not procured through the MTSU Film's Committee, then the organization must provide proof of purchasing the movie rights by providing the Venue Event Coordinator with a copy of the invoice or other documentation.

If the movie is a small, independent film or student made film and the public performance movie rights have been waived by the film maker then a letter from the movie studio, production, or distribution company must be provided to the Venue Event Coordinator waiving said rights. This is to remove any liability from the organization hosting the film showing or the institution (MTSU) from any potential copyright infringement or public performance violation.

For more information regarding copyright law can be found here.
Campus Film Distributor