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The Associate Director Program at TSEC

TSEC is fortunate to have formal partnerships with faculty across STEM education on campus.  One of the ways we achieve these partnerships is through the Associate Director program. Currently on staff we have the following four faculty participating as part-time Associate Directors at TSEC: Sarah Bleiler-Baxter, Mathematical Sciences; Grant Gardner, Biology; Ying Jin, Psychology; Chaney Mosley, Agriculture; 

Why become a TSEC Associate Director?

Our Associate Directors choose to partner with TSEC for various reasons, captured below by our T-S-E-C acronym. If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact Sarah Bleiler-Baxter ( for more information.


Do you find yourself needing more time to achieve research, outreach, and/or administrative goals in your academic life?

TSEC Associate Directors receive reassigned time to achieve STEM Education goals outside of the realm of typical instructional responsibilities.  Our Associate Directors have used their reassigned time to engage in the following types of activities:

  • grant-writing and project implementation
  • research design/analysis
  • administrative shadowing and campus improvement initiatives
  • design and implementation of outreach initiatives


How could additional financial support help you achieve your research, outreach, and/or administrative goals related to STEM Education?

TSEC Associate Directors have the opportunity to request supplemental funds for:

  • summer salary supporting research, outreach, and/or administrative goals in STEM education
  • professional travel related to STEM Education research, outreach, or professional development
  • resources supporting STEM Education initiatives, including technology, personnel, and academic resources


How do expectations and accountability play a role in your professional productivity? 

TSEC Associate Directors receive direct support to identify potential areas of growth and areas of strength in their professional portfolio. Then, our Associate Directors work under the support of mentors who hold high-expectations for the success of their professional growth.  In other words, our Associate Directors have mentors who believe in them and who want to see their impact and influence on STEM Education grow.  It is an expectation that Associate Directors will develop in their role as leaders at the university (and beyond).


What aspects of professional community are present (or missing) from your current work in STEM Education? 

Our Associate Directors benefit from a close-knit group of like-minded STEM Educators who work together to support both individual and collective goals in research, outreach, and administration. TSEC Associate Directors are invited to participate in a wide-range of community-based professional development opportunities including:

  • “Think-Tank” thought sessions
  • Executive Leadership discussions
  • Professional development retreats

Connect with us to learn how you can partner with TSEC.