2021 - 2022 Curriculum Committee Members

For information about the composition of the committee and the committee charge, please refer to MTSU University Policies.

Name Division Department Term
Scott Handy BAS Chemistry 2021-2023
Kevin Downs BAS Agriculture 2021-2023
Michelle Finch BHS Nursing 2021-2023
Kelly Williams BUS Accounting 2021-2023
Chris Quarto COE Educational Leadership 2021-2023
Jane Lim COE Elementary and Special Education 2020-2022
Sheri Selph LA Art and Design 2021-2023
Denise Shackelford ME Recording Industry 2021-2023
Lauren Rudd BHS Human Sciences 2020-2022
Daniel Smith BUS Economics and Finance 2020-2022
Will Perkins LA School of Music 2020-2022
Phil Loubere ME Journalism and Strategic Media 2020-2022


Name Title Term
Amy Aldridge Sanford Vice Provost for Academic Programs Ex-Officio
Susan Myers-Shirk Director, General Education Ex-Officio
Teresa Thomas Director, Enrollment Technical Services Ex-Officio
Tyler Henson Registrar Ex-Officio
Mitzi Brandon Curriculum Specialist Ex-Officio
Rachel Kirk Library Representative Ex-Officio
Karen Dearing Library Representative Ex-Officio


Name Title Term
Ashlee Estep SGA student representative 2021-2022
Thomas Smith SGA Student representative 2021-2022