TN eCampus Online Course Information


It is very important for you to check with your college advisor before enrolling in any TNeCampus course to verify that the course meets your particular degree requirements. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure TNeCampus classes meet degree requirements.

Students registering for any TNeCampus biology course should not register for an on-campus biology lab.

MTSU Course Equivalency Chart

This chart will be helpful if you are an on-campus student and are enrolled in an TNeCampus course. Some TNeCampus courses are numbered differently than MTSU courses. This chart may assist you in determining if your TNeCampus class is equivalent to an MTSU on-campus course.

Important Fee Information

It is important for you to be aware that the cost for TNeCampus classes is higher than on-campus courses.
Check for current rates.

Note: TNeCampus courses do not exchange evenly with other courses when students drop/add on or after the first day of the semester.

Fee payment Deadlines
You must pay fees by the deadline or your courses will be purged, and you will not have access to your TNeCampus courses.


Some TNeCampus courses may require proctored exams. Students who live within 50 miles of MTSU must take exams at the MTSU Distance Learning Test Center. Students further than 50 miles from campus can take exams at any TBR or other approved educational facility.


Textbooks and/or related materials will be required for your TNeCampus course. You should go online to to view and order your books for TNeCampus courses through the Virtual Bookstore. Books and/or related materials required for TNeCampus courses are also available for purchase at Phillips Bookstore on campus. Ask an employee for assistance as the books will not be on the shelves.

To Log Onto Class

Students do not access TNeCampus courses through Pipeline. Students must log in at to get course materials and emails from instructor. Students should log in the first day of class.

Technical Support

Tech support for your TNeCampus D2L course is available 24/7.
Help Desk 1-866-550-7637 (Technical assistance is not provided through MTSU's ITD help desk for TNeCampus courses.)


Students will no longer be permitted to take TN eCampus online courses unless they are enrolled in the following programs:
  • Master of Professional Studies (MPS)
  • Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS)
  • Bachelor of Science in Integrated Studies (BS)