What is Univ1010 Like?

The University Seminar 1010 course covers a wide range of areas that are not typically found in any other course offered on the Middle Tennessee State University campus. Topics covered are not purely academic in nature, but also focus on personal and social topics to help with the transition into college life.

Classes involve activities designed to clarify values and team building, identify and use university resources, define personal and career goals, and build self-confidence. Reading and writing assignments are designed to help students understand and develop the kinds of academic skills needed to be a successful university student.

Classes are small; approximately 20-25 students per class, so students can build friendships quickly. Professors get to know students personally and advise them about techniques for college survival and college success.

A Brief Selection of Possible Topics Covered

  • Setting goals and priorities
  • Finding out about campus resources
  • Understanding your learning styles & your professors' teaching styles
  • Critical thinking
  • Test taking
  • Computer literacy & access
  • Choosing a major & planning a career
  • Your personal system of values
  • Understanding diversity
  • Stress management
  • Relationships and personal responsibility
  • Money management
  • Drug abuse
  • Wellness & stress reduction

This is a production of the "True Blue Pledge" by a UNIV 1010 class)

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