Poster and Presentation Resources

Selecting a Poster Template + Design

We recommend checking out the options on  They have 40+ templates available in various designs and sizes.  This website also provides step-by-step instructions and quick tutorials to guide you through the poster design process.  

Standard poster dimensions:  36x48

What to include in your poster:  

Title of your research
Your name, co-author(s) name, mentor(s) name
Acknowledgement Section

If you are feeling particularly creative and/or would like to keep your poster design simple, there is a new, more accessible poster design that we encourage you to try.  It takes less time to design, quickly peaks the viewers interest, features less words, gives the viewer access to a QR code (which links to more information about your project), and transfers knowledge more quickly and efficiently.

Here is a youtube video that talks about the logic behind the design and the possibilities:
Rather than having to watch the entire video, check out pertinent clips:
Why traditional academic posters are bad 0:00-11:35
What is a good design 11:35-12:08
The redesign 12:08-16:14
Examples 16:14-17:28


The Undergraduate Research Center offers free poster printing for students presenting at a MTSU, local, national, or international conference.   If you would like to schedule a time for us to print your poster, please email  Be sure to save your file as a PPT file.  Once your poster is printed, we will let you know when it is available for pick-up. 

We are located in the Sam Ingram Building (next to the Alumni Office) on the Garden level.  When you enter the building, take the elevator down to floor ā€œGā€.  Your poster will be sitting by the student worker desk in the main area of the office.