Poster and Presentation Resources

Selecting a Poster Template + Design

We recommend checking out the options on  They have 40+ templates available in various designs and sizes.  This website also provides step-by-step instructions and quick tutorials to guide you through the poster design process.  

Standard poster dimensions:  36x48

What to include in your poster:  

Title of your research
Your name, co-author(s) name, mentor(s) name
Acknowledgment Section
Required Logo(s)

If you are feeling particularly creative and/or would like to keep your poster design simple, there is a new, more accessible poster design that we encourage you to try.  It takes less time to design, quickly peaks the viewers interest, features less words, gives the viewer access to a QR code (which links to more information about your project), and transfers knowledge more quickly and efficiently.
Free QR Code Generator (Optional)


Curious how to list a presentation or poster from a cancelled event on your CV?  Check out the American Psychological Association's guidelines here

Logo Requirements

All poster presented on campus or at local, regional, or national conferences must include the MTSU logo.  URECA students must recognize URECA in the acknowledgment section of the poster include the URECA logo.

Download logos here:

   MTSU logo                               URC logo                       URC logo                        Other Logos

Poster Printing Services

The Undergraduate Research Center offers free poster printing for undergraduate students presenting at a MTSU, local, national, or international conference. 

If you would like to schedule a time for us to print your poster for...

Be sure to save your file as a PPT file.  Once your poster is printed, we will let you know when it is available for pick-up. We are located in the Sam Ingram Building (next to the Alumni Office) on the Garden level.  When you enter the building, take the elevator or stairwell down to floor ā€œGā€.  On the right of the main hallway your poster will be in a stand labeled Student Research Posters for Pick-up.