URECA Applications

After determining which URECA application best suits your research (if not, please visit the Prospective Applicants page), download the appropriate application below.  


Please note the application looks a little different than in previous years.  We recently converted the applications to Dynamic Forms to make the routing and signature process easier for the student and mentor.  Rather than having to forward the form to your mentor for signature, you will enter their email into the form and it will route the application to them.  Once the mentor has signed it, the application will come back to you with your mentor's signature.     

  1. Select the appropriate application: 
    Assistant (Beginner) or Scholar (Silver, Gold, Platinum)
  2. Fill out your application with the help of your faculty mentor. Sign the application.  Once you have signed it, the application will be automatically directed to your faculty mentor for their approval and signature. 
  3. After your faculty mentor has approved and signed the application, a completed copy will be emailed back to you. Please save this file as a PDF because you will need to upload it to Award Force.
  4. Go to the URECA applications submissions website, also known as Award Force.  Create an account and the follow the instructions for submission. 

REMINDER!  The Fall 2019 deadline is Thursday, September 5th by 3:00pm.

If you are applying for a Summer Team, you can download the faculty and student applications here:


  • If your project requires IRB or IACUC approval, the URECA Committee strongly recommends that you begin the approval process before you begin your proposal.
  • Please visit MTSU's IRB website to find out if your project will require IRB approval.
  • If your project involves animals, please visit the MTSU IACUC website to learn about filing your protocol.


For more information on URECA travel click here.