Guidelines for URECA Summer Teams

Guidelines for URECA Summer teams: The URECA Summer Teams program is designed to involve a large number of students in intensive, high quality research or creative projects. Successful applications will describe a well-thought out approach in which each team member has a defined role, yet benefits from teamwork. The projects should include significant faculty participation with a strong mentoring component. Proposals should also demonstrate the potential to advance faculty research programs.

Proposals have a component that is written by faculty and a short application form for each student. Each team includes 3-6 undergraduate students with unique roles and a faculty mentor. URECA scholars who are funded based on individual proposals can be included as team members and do not need to fill out a student form for summer teams.

Research/creative experiences take place over 3-8 weeks in the summer. Stipend for students is $320/week (assuming 40 hour week). Faculty earn up to $1000/week depending on time investment. Faculty stipend is limited to $4000. Proposals are reviewed by the URECA committee, and funded by the Undergraduate Research Center.