MTSU Office Space Database

This database is a listing of all office spaces within Academic Affairs. Departments are encouraged to use the database to track and update office space allocations. If you have a question or suggestion about this database, please contact David Edgar at 5389 or


Operating Principles for Office Space Allocation Within Academic Affairs

In recognition that office space is a rare and valued commodity on this campus, the following principles are offered to suggest ways to allocate office spaces to meet university goals. These operating principles should be applied within departments and colleges and across departments and colleges.

The priorities in allocating office spaces across campus are:

  • Full time tenure track/tenured faculty should receive an individual office. A special effort should be made to place newly hired full time tenure track faculty close to the departmental office to orient these faculty to the department and to provide opportunities for interaction during the tenure process. Newly hired tenure track faculty feel especially isolated during their first year. Close interaction with the department is essential in the university retaining these new faculty.

  • In the past, temporary full-time faculty have received an individual office after all needs of the full time tenure track/tenure faculty across campus have been met. As of Fall 2011, all future hires of full-time temporary faculty will share an office.

  • Post-retirement faculty, part-time faculty such as adjuncts, graduate assistants, etc., should only be provided a shared office. Departments should provide spaces such as conference rooms, departmental offices, etc., for faculty office hours.

We are suggesting that Deans look for office spaces first within their own college. If Deans are unable to locate spaces after consideration of the above priorities, they are encouraged to contact us for information about available spaces within other colleges. Deans are then encouraged to coordinate requests for these available spaces with other Deans. The other Deans should cooperate in identifying and providing available spaces in adherence with the above principles.

Our office will provide information about office spaces and occupants as requested.