III:00:06 Withdrawals from the University

Students finding it necessary to withdraw (drop all courses) from the University should initiate the following withdrawal process by accessing PipelineMT.

I. According to the effective date of withdrawal, the student will receive no grades on the official transcript or will be assigned a "W" or "F". Students who withdraw within 60% completion of the term will be assigned a "W". Students who withdraw at a point past 60% completion of the term will be assigned a "W" or "F" as determined by the instructor of the course.

II. Appropriate offices will receive notice of the withdrawal for appropriate action.

III. The student's I.D. card will be inactivated and, if residing in University housing, the student must move out of the residence hall or apartment.

IV. Once a student officially withdraws from the University, he or she is no longer eligible for University-provided services unless re-enrollment occurs.

V. At a date one week prior to the beginning of final exams, a student may not withdraw from the University except for reasons of extenuating circumstances as shall be determined by the University. In such cases, faculty members will receive a written request to approve assignment of a "W".

VI. Any student who leaves the University for a term without officially withdrawing will receive grades of "F" for all courses attempted in that term.

VII. Requests to withdraw from a term within one year of the end of that term will be considered only if the student presents acceptable documentation of extenuating circumstances. In such cases, faculty members will receive a written request for approval to assign a "W". Requests received one year after the graduation date of the specific term in which the student was enrolled in the class(es) at issue are not eligible for consideration.

VIII. In cases of military deployment, the University will assist the student in completion of the term dependent upon the point in the semester when the student must report for active duty. In cases where deployment occurs early in the term and course requirements cannot reasonably be completed, the student will be withdrawn without reflection of grades and fees will be refunded to the student or the financial account as appropriate. In such instances, faculty members will receive notification of the withdrawal due to military deployment.

Revisions: July 1, 1979; August 16, 2004; April 16, 2010.