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Knoxville freshman looks forward to attending MTSU, says ‘Community simply feels like family’

Karrington Smith is one of the thousands of freshman set to begin their college career at MTSU next month.

The 18-year-old from Knoxville, Tennessee, is looking forward to calling MTSU home for the next four years for several different reasons. 

“I chose MTSU based off of many reasons,” she explained. “It’s not far from home; it’s not as expensive as most colleges, it has a good focus on my major and the community simply feels like family.”

Karrington plans to major in biology with a focus on Pre-Med. She ultimately wants to be an obstetrician.

“I look forward to growing more and finding myself [over the next four years]. I’m excited to find new friends, be in a new city and work harder than I’m used to to achieve the grades I know I’m capable of getting,” Karrington said.

Karrington was awarded a $500 book scholarship during the True Blue Tour last year.

If you’re a 2019 high school graduate, there’s still time for you to apply! To receive one of three guaranteed scholarships for first-time freshman you must apply by Aug. 14. Learn more about those scholarships here.

The Fall semester begins on Monday, Aug. 24.

Karrington Smith was awarded a $500 book scholarship during True blue
Karrington Smith was awarded a $500 book scholarship during last year's True Blue Tour from Dr. Sidney McPhee.