Welcome to the Mass Comm Student Success Center

The College of Mass Communication Student Success Center is committed to empowering students to successfully transition into university life, take charge of their educational experience, set academic goals, and graduate as strong representatives of the College and University.

New to the College of Mass Communication in the Spring of 2014, the Student Success Center houses five professional advisors, and an administrative assistant; each of them committed to ensuring that every student who comes to the College of Mass Communication receives the highest level of advising and personal care to ensure that they are meeting graduation requirements. As a retention initiative, the Center aims to provide consistent, thorough, personalized advising for every student in the College, from orientation to graduation. We believe that students who develop a long-lasting relationship with one advisor who can guide them throughout their time at MTSU will be more likely to matriculate.

The Center is the primary resource for academic advising. These services include course selection, graduation requirement checks, clarification of academic policies and procedures, early identification of at-risk student populations and provision of appropriate intervention services, timely paperwork completion, and other related matters.

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Nancy Stubblefield
Academic Advisor

Hattie Traylor
Advising Manager

Lucille Wilcox
Academic Advisor

Olivia Young
Academic Advisor 





    Janet Billingsley
Graduation Coordinator 
Bryan Ros
Administrative Assistant
PR-RIM Student
  Person Person Person Person
  New Advisor New Advisor New Advisor New Advisor

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A – C – Lucille Wilcox
D – H – Nancy Stubblefield
I – M – Olivia Young
N – S – Lucille Wilcox, Nancy Stubblefield
T – Z – Olivia Young

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