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Scholars Week 2016 - Organizing Committee

Executive Chair, Scholars Week 2016
Brad Bartel, Provost

Technical Chair
Andrienne Friedli, Chemistry (Andrienne.Friedli@mtsu.edu, x2071)

College of Basic and Applied Sciences
Saeed Foroudastan, Engineering Technology (Saeed.Foroudastan@mtsu.edu, x2613)
Andrienne Friedli, Chemistry (Andrienne.Friedli@mtsu.edu, x2071)
Nathanael Smith, Physics and Astronomy (Nat.Smith@mtsu.edu, x8852)

College of Behavioral and Health Sciences
Will Langston, Psychology (William.Langston@mtsu.edu, x5489)

College of Education
Nancy Caukin, Educational Leadership (Nancy.Caukin@mtsu.edu, x2331)

College of Liberal Arts 
Laura Dubek, English, (Laura.Dubek@mtsu.edu, x8156)
Dawn McCormack (Dawn.Mccormack@mtsu.edu, x8603)
Kevin Smith, Sociology & Anthropology (Kevin.Smith@mtsu.edu, x5039)

College of Business
William McDowell, Management (William.McDowell@mtsu.edu, x2785)
Kim Sokoya, Management (Kim.Sokoya@mtsu.edu, x2352)

College of Media and Entertainment
Michael Fleming, Recording Industry (Michael.Fleming@mtsu.edu, x2029)
Trevor deClercq, Recording Industry (Trevor.deClercq@mtsu.edu, x5030)

Jason Vance (Jason.Vance@mtsu.edu, x7871)

News and Public Affairs
Randy Weiler (Randy.Weiler@mtsu.edu, x2616)

Office of Research and College of Graduate Studies
Jackie Eller, Interim Dean and Vice Provost for Research (Jackie.Eller@mtsu.edu, x5897)
Julie Gannon, Undergraduate Research Center (Julie.Gannon@mtsu.edu, x7848)
Scott Handy, Interim Associate Dean (Scott.Handy@mtsu.edu, x5331)