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Important Dates


The Undergraduate Research Center is giving away an i-Pad Mini 4 to promote active learning in the formal classroom. Active Learning Day is October 25th and was created by Project Kaleidoscope. https://www.aacu.org/pkal

Those describing active learning activities* in their formal classroom(s) by midnight October 28th will be entered into a drawing for an i-Pad Mini 4. The winner will be announced on October 31st.

The requirements are:

  1. Describe your active learning activities during the week of October 24th by October 28th (each activity can be a different entry): Press the FORM button below
  2. Spend at least 10 minutes implementing a teaching strategy that promotes active learning in your classroom and is also culturally responsive; 
  3. Identify innovative ways to deepen and extend your departmental/institutional commitment to inclusive higher education reform throughout the week, academic year, and beyond;
  4. Tell a friend! Reach out to at least one colleague, and engage in dialogue around what they can do to implement similar strategies in their classrooms; and
  5. (Optional) Share with others what you did on Active Learning Day by creating and uploading a two-minute video! Upload the video to YouTube and send us the link at LeighAnn.Gardner@mtsu.edu Note that Project Kaleidoscope is also collecting these (pkal@aacu.org)

 * Examples of active learning include: discovery-based learning, research/creative projects, group projects, group problem-solving/discussion, peer mentoring. 

 Questions? LeighAnn x7600 or Andri x2071 

By completing this FORM you are entered into a drawing for an i-Pad mini 4. We may contact you for more information about your active learning strategy.

 URC Funding Statistics


The MTSU Undergraduate Research Center was created in 2004 to promote research at the undergraduate level and to provide university support for undergraduate students and the faculty members who mentor them in scholarly and creative activities. This includes providing information and financial support through grants.

Although the URC administers the university funds dedicated to undergraduate research through Undergraduate Research Experience and Creative Activity (URECA) grants, the URECA Committee evaluates proposals based on merit. This committee is composed of accomplished and passionate faculty representatives from all 5 colleges at MTSU. Programs that involve undergraduate research on campus include: MTSU Honors College, TLSAMP, Tennessee Space Grant, Geoenvironmental Challenges REU, and First STEP.

URC Mission:
As part of the Office of Research, the Undergraduate Research Center (URC) mission is to be the central hub for communication about undergraduate research grant programs and other related opportunities on and off campus and to distribute university funds for undergraduate research and creative projects and travel to disseminate results.

URC Vision:
The URC is pursuing its vision to nurture a culture of research and creative activity at MTSU through support for undergraduate students and their faculty mentors.

URC Values:
Implement the goals of the University's Academic Master Plan related to the URC mission with the following values:

  • Excellence in research, scholarship, and creative projects
  • Opportunities for student-centered learning
  • Productive internal and external collaborations and partnerships
  • Success in academic and professional careers of our undergraduate students and their faculty mentors

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