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Services to Students

One-to-one sessions can help you find a focus for your academic or creative project.

At the Writing Center, you can find guidance for any language-based task you might have whether it is a class assignment (such as an essay, research paper, speech, or presentation) or a personal project (a thesis or dissertation, a piece of creative writing, or personal statement).  Writing Consultants can provide guidance during any part of your writing process from brainstorming to revising and polishing. To see what kind of appointments we offer or to schedule an appointment, visit our appointments page.

Join a writing group to work with students from across discliplines who have similar writing interests.

Each semester, the Writing Center facilitates writing groups and other activities that encourage conversation about our writing communities and foster participation in language events.  The Creative Writing Group and the Conversation and Culture Group are just two examples of the kinds of meetings we have hosted.  Writing groups are student-driven and student-led.  Stop by the Writing Center at the beginning of each semester for a schedule of our writing group offerings. 

Services to Faculty

Let us bring the Writing Center to you through a class visit or in-class writing workshop.

Writing Center consultants are available to facilitate in-class workshops on a variety of writing-related topics.  These 55-minute workshops cover writing and multimodal topics that students need to succeed in their academic work.  Faculty can also request modifications to the standard workshop to accommodate specific in class needs.  To see a list of workshops or schedule a workshop for your class, visit our Workshops page.

Class visits are designed to inform your students about Writing Center services.  These 10-15 minute sessions create awareness about the kinds of help students can receive from UWC tutors and put a friendly face to our name.  These visits are a great way to encourage students to develop their writing skills beyond the classroom environment.  For more information about class-visits or workshops or to make a request, vist our Class Visit and Workshops page.

Send us your assignment sheets or recommended writing resources, and we'll make sure that they are available to students working on your assignments in the Writing Center.

The Writing Center will archive materials for your students to reference when they are here.  Citation guides, assignment sheets, or any other materials you think would be helpful during their session can be sent to the Writing Center and filed for use during sessions.  To inquire about archiving materials, contact James Hamby at James.Hamby@mtsu.edu.

Find out if your students have attended the Writing Center.

For faculty who offer extra credit for Writing Center attendance, we provide writers with a report at the conclusion of their session for what we covered during their session that they can use to self-report to you. If you require more specific proof, please reach out to us.  For more information, please see our Privacy Statement

Services to the Community

The Writing Center offers workshops to the campus community as well as local schools and other institutions.  We offer a wide array of both instructional and practical help, and we can create a workshop to fit your interests or needs.  To inquire about bringing a Writing Center workshop to your group, contact Jim Hamby at James.Hamby@mtsu.edu.

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