The MTSU Promise at Volunteer State Community College

Tara Wallace

Your MTSU Recruiter

I’m your recruiter, Tara Wallace. I’m happy to help you become True Blue.

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  • We promise you guaranteed admission with a 2.0 and 24 earned college credits.
  • We promise you a $3000 per year scholarship with a 3.0 and 60 earned credits if you are admitted by the February 15th scholarship deadline. See the scholarship website for more details.
  • We promise you a smooth and easy process with access to our advisors for academic inquiries.
  • We promise you superior service from MT One Stop for all enrollment questions.

Students who Promise You, The MTSU Promise is Worth It

Caitlyn Ellis, Class of 2020

I transferred from Volunteer State Community College in the fall of 2018 with my Associate's degree. My goal is to graduate in May of 2020 with a Bachelor's degree in Global Studies. The opportunities I have been offered at MTSU have been astounding. I had the pleasure of receiving the Honors College Transfer Fellowship, something I would not have gotten if I had not transferred from Vol State. As a non-traditional student, I felt that I may not fit in in the university setting but I was very wrong! MTSU has welcomed me with open arms and helping hands all along the way. My favorite opportunity I have been given at MTSU was the opportunity to study abroad in Israel in the summer of 2019. Without the strong foundations I created at Vol State and the ability to build those foundations even higher at MTSU, I would not have been able to travel as much as I have. I am very appreciative of the connections I have made while at MTSU and I look forward to seeing what doors will be opened with my degree from MTSU!