Scholarships and Grants for Biology Undergraduates

In addition to the awards and scholarships listed below, the department participates in the campus Work Study and Work Scholarship programs administered through the Office of Financial Aid.  Tuition is paid under the Academic Service Scholarship Program, and the student is obligated to work five hours per week.  Work Study students may be approved to work up to 20 hours per week at an hourly rate.  For further information check the Financial Aid website.

Undergraduate Research Grants

The Office of the Vice Provost for Research sponsors Undergraduate Research Experience and Creative Activity (URECA) grants.  This program provides financial support to encourage MTSU students to get involved in research and creative projects throughout their undergraduate careers.

Biology Dept. Scholarships and Grants for Undergraduates 

The Department of Biology administers 10 scholarships that are exclusively for undergraduate students of our program.  Additionally, there are 10 other scholarships and awards that are available to both graduate and undergraduate students of our program.
How to apply:  To apply for one or more scholarships, you must complete this application and submit an electronic copy to the Chair of the Undergraduate Scholarship Committee by the indicated deadline.  Only one application is required, regardless of the number of awards for which you are applying.  Contact the Biology Department Office in the Science Building, room 2044, or call (615) 898-2847 for information.

The department also offers the Freshman Scholarship which is open to outstanding incoming freshman students majoring in Biology who have a demonstrated interest in the life sciences with career goals in the biological sciences.  Awards winners will be determined based on ACT scores, GPA, and the student's responses on the Freshman Scholarship application form.

Awards with an asterisk (*) indicates those awards available to both undergraduate and graduate students.

*Dr. Kurt Blum Scholarship-Awarded to a Biology major of sophomore or above standing with an interest in botany.  Past recipients

*George Davis Scholarship-Awarded to a non-traditional Biology major of sophomore standing or above. Must have been out of college for at least four years.   Past recipients

Kevin Driver Memorial Scholarship - Awarded to a student of junior standing for summer study who has an interest in Ecology/Field Biology, Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine. .  Past recipients.

*Dr. John DuBois Scholarship –Awarded to provide travel for paper presentations at scientific meetings.   Past recipients.

Charles Holland Biology Club Scholarship - Awarded to a senior continuing in the Graduate School at MTSU. Past recipients.

Freeman P. Jordan, Jr. Biology Scholarship – Awarded to a Biology major. Past recipients.

*J. Padgett Kelly Research Scholarship- Awarded to a Biology major to support summer study or field research in ecology or conservation Biology.  The award is to be used for the purchase of equipment, supplies, and/or travel support to and from research sites. Past recipients.

Jim Kemp Scholarship - Awarded to a biology major or minor, of junior or senior standing, who is also minoring in secondary education.   Past recipients.

*Charles McGhee Scholarship-Awarded to a Biology major of junior, senior or graduate standing seeking licensure to teach science.  Past recipients.

George Murphy Scholarship-Awarded to a Biology major to be used for purchasing equipment, funding travel expenses or payment of tuition for students requesting funds to further their research. Past recipients.

*J. Gerald Parchment Biological Field Station Scholarship-Awarded to a Biology major of sophomore or above standing for summer study at any field station.   Past recipients.

*John A. Patten Biological Field Station Scholarship - Awarded to a Biology major of sophomore or above standing for support of summer study.  Past recipients.

Maria de los Reyes Biology Scholarship-Awarded to a Biology major who has declared an emphasis in microbiology.  Must be of sophomore standing or above and have completed Biology 2230 and 3250.  Past recipients.

Dr. Wayne Rosing Biology Scholarship-Awarded to a Biology major of junior standing with a minor in secondary education or an emphasis in Botany. Past recipients.

*Eugene F. Strobel Scholarship-Awarded to a Biology major of junior standing (60-100 hours earned) who plans a career in teaching at the secondary or college level.  Past recipients.

Sarah Swain Scholarship Fund - This scholarship is for a student doing undergraduate research.  Past recipients.

*Stephen M. Wright Research Scholarship-To be eligible for consideration for this scholarship, the recipient shall be a graduate or undergraduate student associated witth research in microbiology or biotechnology. Past recipients.