Elementary Education

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          Dr. Amy Childre, Department Chair
      COE 314

Course Information

Undergraduate courses in the Department of Elementary and Special Education are designed to meet the professional needs of students preparing to teach at the elementary or middle level as well as in the special education classroom.  the programs are further designed to improve the teaching competencies of those presently employed as teachers.  Programs in the department lead to the Bachelor of Science with majors in Interdisciplinary Studies or Special Education.  Students majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies must select a teaching level of grades K-6,  or 4-8.  Special Education majors may choose between the Modified program, K-12 (for individuals with mild/moderate disabilities), or Comprehensive Program, K-12 (for individuals with severe/profound disabilities).  A minor in Special Education is also available.

Graduate courses in the Department of Elementary and Special Education offers the Master of Education degree with majors in Curriculum and Instruction, Reading, and Special Education. The major in Curriculum and Instruction offers concentrations in Early Childhood Education, Elementary School Education, and Middle School Education.  A specialization is also offered in Initial Licensure K-6. Concentrations.  Concentrations in Mildly/Moderately Disabled Students, Preschool Disabled Students, Severely/Profoundly Disabled Students, and Vision Disabilities are available through the Special Education major. 

The department also offers the Master of Education in Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning—Regents Online Degree Program (RODP).