Model United Nations

What is Model UN?

The Model United Nations is a realistic simulation of the actual United Nations and other international crisis management bodies. MTSU's Model United Nations team attends competitive conferences where dozens of top universities each represent one or more countries, with each country sending delegates to various committees and councils. Some delegates may also participate in specialized bodies that address specific world crisis situations.

How do I get involved?

The Model United Nations at MTSU is part of the society of International Affairs. The Society meets periodically to discuss global issues and to prepare for future Model United Nations competitions. All majors are encouraged to participate and meeting times will always be posted ahead of time on the Society's bulletin board outside of room 211 in Peck Hall. If interested please call Karen Petersen at (615)494-8662.

Why is it useful to me?

Anyone that is interested in Political Science, International Law, Social Studies, Geography, current affairs, or current events will find the Model UN educating, engaging, and fun. Debate, research, parliamentary procedure, and diplomacy are just a few of the valuable attributes one acquires while participating. Furthermore, potential employers and graduate/professional schools acknowledge that extra-curricular activities enhances the candidacy for admission for employment.

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Model United Nations Website

The MTSU web site for Model United Nations can be found at

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