• Psychology major Jennifer Johnson is an Honors student and editor of Collage
  • MTSU Psychology students put on a health literacy fair at Barfield Elementary
  • Dr. Paul Foster, who specializes in neuropsychology, goes over data with students
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Clinical Faculty & Areas of Interest

Paul Foster, Ph.D.
JH 265 898-2007

(PhD, Virginia Tech)

Mary Ellen Fromuth, Ph.D.
Coordinator, Clinical Master's Program
JH 222 898-2548
Child Psychopathology, Child Sexual Abuse, Interpersonal Violence
(PhD, Auburn University)

Jerden E. Johnson, Ph.D.
JH 365 898-5640
Personality, Abnormal, Critical Theory
(PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

David B. Kelly, Ph.D.
JH 269 898-2584
Psychotherapy, Personality Assessment, Abnormal

(PhD, Texas Tech. Univ.)

Chris Tate, Ph.D.
JH 219 898-5452
Field Practicum Coordinator &
Comprehensive Exams Coordinator
Psychological Assessment, Behavioral Medicine/Health Psychology, Substance Abuse, Smoking Cessation
(PhD, Auburn University)

Belinda Traughber, Ph.D.
JH 224 898-2122
Child Development, Behavior Analysis, Behavioral Medicine
(PhD, University of Kansas)

Kim Ujcich Ward, Ph.D.
JH 357 898-2188
Assessment, Behavioral Pediatrics, Child Physical Abuse, Eating & Feeding Disorders (PhD, West Virginia University)