Effective for fall 2017, select courses now offer the option to join a waitlist for a closed section.  If waitlist seats are available on a closed course, you will receive a closed class error message with the option to join the waitlist after entering the CRN.  After adding to the waitlist, you are offered an open seat in that section based on the order you joined the waitlist.  When a seat opens an email is generated and sent to your MTMail account, along with a deadline for you to log on to Pipeline and add the class to your schedule.  If the deadline passes and you did not register for the offered section, the option is removed and the seat offered to the next person on the waitlist.  

Please note the following regarding waitlists:

  • You may not register/waitlist for duplicate courses.  For example, if you are registered or waitlisted in a section of COMM 2200 you may not join a waitlist for another section of COMM 2200.  You can only be in one section at a time, either registered or on the waitlist.  
  • You may be on waitlists for different classes, but you cannot be on multiple waitlists for the same class.
  • If your waitlisted course has a corequisite and the available seat only opened in one of the courses, you will need to find an open corequisite and drop the other waitlisted course to be able to successfully register.
  • Registration holds, such as business office or advising holds, will prevent you from adding an offered seat on a waitlisted course.  If you have a registration hold and miss your allotted time to register for an offered waitlist course, you will lose the opportunity to register and may re-add to the waitlist if the class is still closed and you want to waitlist again.
  • You can be on a waitlist for a class that has a time conflict with a currently registered course, but you will have to change the course with the time conflict if you are offered a seat and wish to register for the waitlisted class.


An example of trying to add a closed class and the waitlist option being offered is below:

Waitlist on Add or Drop Classes


After you submit changes, the waitlisted class will appear on your screen as you see below.  You are NOT REGISTERED in the class and you will not see this class on your schedule.  This simply shows that you are on the waitlist, and you will come back to this page if offered a seat to register in the course.

Waitlist on Schedule


In the next example, you can identify classes with the waitlist option by the category "WL Cap" in the middle of the "Look Up Classes" feature.  The category "WL Act" lets you know how many people are already on the waitlist, and "WL Rem" tells you if any seats remain on the waitlist.  If the number for "WL Cap" is set to zero, waitlist is not an option for that course.

Waitlist Example


Selecting the waitlist option will be available until one day before the first "purge."  Anyone who has paid or confirmed will stay on waitlists to have first priority at seats that open during the class schedule purge.  Those notified of open seats will have until the next morning to add their classes, at which point waitlists will no longer be available for the semester.