Continuing Undergraduate Students

Welcome back!

Approximately three weeks before Priority Registration for continuing undergraduate students begins, you will begin to be inundated with signs and messages reminding you that “It’s time!” Specifically, you’ll get an email message and there will be an announcement on PipelineMT encouraging you to log in to your RaiderNet account to access important registration information, including registration calendar, payment dates, registration holds, and how to access your assigned priority registration time. 

Undergraduate registration is based on seniority, as determined by earned credits. Registration access times can be viewed through the Assigned Registration Time Grid. To see your assigned registration time in your RaiderNet account, click on Registration then Assigned Registration time.

Some continuing students will have advising holds placed. Those students must see their advisers in order to clear the hold. Even students without holds are still encouraged to meet with their advisers to discuss their registration and their progress towards a degree. Academic advising helps to insure that students enroll in the correct courses and stay on track to graduate in four years. Registering for classes as early as you can will help make sure that you have the widest possible selection of classes. That means you are going to want to take care of any holds, parking tickets, or any other issues that may prevent you from registering at your assigned registration time. 

Important Note: Dates, course offerings, and other contents are subject to change.

Registration Guide

Students should refer to the Registration Guide for important dates regarding upcoming academic terms. The Registration Guides include dates for Continuing Student Registration, Late Registration, Census Dates, Drop/Add forms and more.

Searching for classes

Search for courses on RaiderNet (Click HERE for all available terms)
Students may search for available course sections by subject, day, time, level, or specific characteristics such as distance learning, honors, general education, interdisciplinary programs, prescribed courses, study abroad, EXL, Raider Learning Communities, off-campus, and RODP for the selected term.

The above search is a text search with detailed information. Access RaiderNet from your PipelineMT account and click on "Look Up Classes" to search and receive results in a easy-to-read, grid format.

Textbook information

Please be aware information is subject to change and is updated daily. You will select the Textbooks & Course Materials link, and then enter term, course prefix, course number, and course section. If all sections require the same textbook, then ALL is available to select in the Section field.