College GP$: Goals, Problems, and Solutions

The College GP$: Goals, Problems, and $olutions curriculum is a four module, seventeen topic personal finance curriculum aimed at  
  • promoting post-secondary education accessibility
  • guiding students on the path to post-secondary education
  • helping students successfully complete their post-secondary education
  • transitioning students into their careers while managing any debt incurred while completing post-secondary education (Learning modules encompass the five core competencies of financial education, the Tennessee Personal Finance Standards, and the National Jump$tart Standards.)

Module A: Considering My Future

Lesson Title Days
A0 Overview   - 
A1 Dreaming   2
A2 I Like To... I'm Good At...   3
A3 When I Grow Up I Want To Be...   3
A4 Public, Private, Technical? Where to Go?   2
A5 Project   5


Module B: My Financial Plan For Education

Lesson Title Days
B0 Overview   - 
B1 A New "Word" With Big Benefits   2
B2 Money, Money, Money   6
B3 Does Debt Make Sense?   4
B4 Hey Kid, Have I Got A Deal For You!   1
B5 Project   6

Module C: I'm In College!

Lesson Title Days
C0 Overview   - 
C1 $20 In My Coat Pocket   4
C2 Who's Going To Take Care Of My Money?   3
C3 What Do You Mean I Have Ten Visas And A House?   3
C4 I'm Covered   3
C5 Project   4

Module D: All Grown Up—No More Spring Breaks

Lesson Title Days
D0 Overview   - 
D1 Out Of College And Raising My Score   4
D2 I Need A Ride To Work   2
D3 Making My Money Grow   6
D4 Project   6
D5 Course Project - Making The Dream A Reality   3