Parent and Family Association Scholarships

The Middle Tennessee State University Parent and Family Association was created to provide opportunities for parent and family members to become involved in their student's education and to promote student success.

The Parent and Family Association created scholarships to support the educational endeavors of students attending MTSU.

Book Scholarships   

The 2016 Book Scholarships are available for NEW students for the fall semester, whose parents joined during the recruitment period for 2016. This scholarship is only awarded for the fall 2016 semester.

Book Scholarship Recipients ($250)

  • Quincy Francis
  • Ezekiel Hall
  • Savannah Head
  • Kelsey Hughes
  • Caleb McBride
  • Jase Sharp
  • Benjamin Spurlock
  • Sawyer Vals
  • Devin Willis
  • Natalie Zuraf

Returning Student Scholarships

Returning Student Scholarship applications are for students whose parents were members of the Parent and Family Association prior to 2016. This scholarship is only awarded for the fall 2016 semester.

Returning Student Scholarship Recipient ($1000)

  • Tiffany Miller


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