Custom Degree Programs

Businesses and Working Adults choose to partner with MTSU to reach their educational goals for many reasons:

Working Adults

  • MTSU’s custom degree programs allow you to earn a college degree quickly and conveniently while earning college credit for certifications, training, licenses, and military credit.
  • MTSU advisors work with you individually to determine individual requirements and your best degree options.
  • MTSU professionals work to understand your needs and discuss your goals.
  • MTSU faculty experts evaluate your training and certifications and design a program that helps you maximize its benefits.
  • MTSU’s leadership training programs can help strengthen your leadership skills and potential.

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  • MTSU faculty work with company representatives to understand the company’s educational needs and goals.
  • MTSU advisors work individually with employees to determine individual requirements to reach their goals.
  • MTSU’s Prior Learning Assessment program helps employees save time and money by offering college credit for existing skills and knowledge.
  • MTSU leadership training programs help develop a strong core of leaders with the organization.
  • MTSU faculty can custom-build a degree program specific to meet company needs.
  • MTSU faculty experts evaluate existing corporate training programs and design a program that helps employees maximize its benefits.
  • MTSU faculty work to develop specialized degree programs to develop a better qualified entry level workforce.

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Dr. Peggy Carpenter, Assistant Dean

Adult Learning Focused Institution